now that it’s autumn…

Now that it's October...

…awesome things like this are showing up in the world. Thanks, Not Will Ferrell! xoxo


happy july!

truffaut - july 2013

It’s a bittersweet month: I’ll be leaving Wilmington after almost seven years, which means I have to start cramming my stuff into boxes again, but at least I have a few weeks to explore the city (i.e., sit around in my pajamas and watch TV). In the meantime, I’m super happy that TCM will be airing so many of Truffaut’s films—I’ve worked out a not-that-elaborate schedule, above, for taping the ones I’m most excited about. First on the list, of course, is the Antoine Doinel cycle, which I finished watching in June and absolutely love. And since I’m cat-sitting Claude Garamond this week, I’ll have something cuddly to console me during the divorce.

Claude, waiting breathlessly for me to switch the TV on.

Claude, waiting breathlessly for me to switch the TV on.

Other good news: My diploma arrived in the mail; one of my favorite NC writers, Jill McCorkle, is giving a reading at the WHQR gallery on the 15th; and my story on the local film industry appears in the July issue of Wrightsville Beach Magazine. And in a little while, I’m heading to Fresh Market for another half pound of Thai noodle salad (and maybe more turkey for Claude). I’m a pretty predictable human being, but it’s summer so who cares.

nifty things on the internet today


Aside from cats and old movies (and coffee and hockey and okay, maybe a lot of things), there’s not much I love more than made-up book covers. These concepts by graphic designer Tyler Adam Smith are pretty incredible. The one above, #8 on the list, is my favorite by far.

This, too: Fellow MFA alum Jason Newport has a great new story out in Cleaver Magazine, and excitingly enough, he invited me to create the accompanying illustrations. Be sure to check it out!