by chance


Just came across a site that combines two of my favorite things: movies and typography. I spend a pretty absurd amount of time watching silent films (last night TCM aired 1927’s It, with Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, and a very young, very foxy Gary Cooper in a bit part), which provides plenty of opportunities for type-studying. The image above combines screenshots from Masculin Féminin, an incredible 1966 film (with sound!) by Jean-Luc Godard.


nifty things on the internet today


Aside from cats and old movies (and coffee and hockey and okay, maybe a lot of things), there’s not much I love more than made-up book covers. These concepts by graphic designer Tyler Adam Smith are pretty incredible. The one above, #8 on the list, is my favorite by far.

This, too: Fellow MFA alum Jason Newport has a great new story out in Cleaver Magazine, and excitingly enough, he invited me to create the accompanying illustrations. Be sure to check it out!